About Tent

By Collectors, for Collectors

Trading made simple: Trade Cardano NFTs & Tokens with Tent

Tent is a service that allows users to live-trade native Cardano assets (NFTs, Tokens, and/or ADA). This all happens live in a single Cardano transaction and in a completely trustless environment, as it should.
As collectors ourselves, we love collecting, selling, buying, and trading NFTs. When we first got to this Cardano NFT space, the only way to directly trade with other users was through someone, a third party that would facilitate the trade, for a percentage of the value, of course.
Oh, we knew that needed to change.

And so, Tent was born.

A tool that allows for seamless and trustless trading directly between users. A tool that simply crafts a transaction between two wallets. A tool you don't even have to trust, since you can transparently see the transaction being crafted directly in your wallet.
  • No need to wait.
  • No need to trust.
  • No need to send your assets anywhere.
  • No need to pay a share of the trade on fees.
Just connect your wallet, select your assets, approve the transaction, and you're done.
Tent also offers a flat pricing for every transaction, regardless of the number of assets or ADA contained in the trade. We have seen trades containing more than 20 NFTs in a single transaction, the only limit being Cardano's transaction size limit. The only thing you pay is a flat price of 5 ADA for every trade (or 2.5ADA if you hold a Fort Gotten Kid).
Finally, with Tent, we also knew we wanted to support creators and adhere to Cardano set standards, and that is why we also support royalties in every trade.

Don't just take our word for it