Security 101

Tent is an inherently secure platform relying on both wallets and Cardano, giving you full control over the transaction and showing every single detail before asking for your signature.
Sadly, as in every other corner of the crypto space, there are some bad actors and scammers trying to take advantage of new users not very familiar with Cardano.
Luckily, keeping yourself safe is not hard, it all boils down to avoiding clicking links and don't trust anyone. Most scams center around the same idea, get you off of Tent and get you to send assets somewhere else or to use their fake links.
We have designed Tent to be a trustless system in every sense of the word. We have project verification in place, we have Tent IDs so that you don't have to click links, you can check every single NFT being traded (Policy ID & fingerprint), and more.
If you do everything through Tent, avoid clicking links, and follow our official communication systems, you will be pretty safe already.

Basic Security Recommendations

  • Bookmark official links (tradingtent.io and app.tradingent.io).
  • Follow and be mindful of our official communication channels (Twitter & Discord).
  • Avoid clicking any links sent by third parties, always use Tent IDs and bookmarked links.
  • If you have any questions or need support, simply ask in our public Discord. Any support will happen publicly on the Discord server, never in private/DMs.
  • We will never DM anyone to do escrow, we will never ask you to send us any kind of assets and we will never give support privately. If you are in a group DM with any Tent team member, it's a scammer trying to impersonate us.
  • When in doubt, simply ask in our public Discord.
These recommendations are a quick simplification of an article we wrote about security and the most common scams. Obviously, it is recommended that you go over that to get a better idea of trading security. You can read it by clicking here.
Finally, we have implemented many security features and warning throughout Tent, we have all the bells and whistles but in the end, in this blockchain world, you are the one responsible for your assets and the transactions you sign.
Happy trading, and stay safe!