What is Tent?

Tent is a live trading system. Everyone can open a Tent using a compatible wallet and share the link so another user can join.

A tent is a room where 2 users can exchange any native Cardano asset in a single transaction. This transaction will only happen if both parties agree and sign.

No smart contracts, no locked assets, no waiting. Just a single Cardano transaction directly between 2 users.

What is Tent's pricing?

Tent charges a flat fee of 5 ADA per trade, per person. The amount of assets and/or ADA doesn't affect the price. ‍ If you hold a Fort Gotten Kid in your wallet, you will receive a 50% discount on the trading fee (2.5 ADA)

Which wallets are supported?

We support every wallet using the standard for dApp connectors (CIP-0030). For the moment, that means Nami and ETRNL. As more wallets start using the standard, more wallets will be supported by Tent.

Is Tent using smart contracts?

It’s not. Tent leverages Cardano’s eUTXO model and multi-signature transactions to facilitate trades. This optimizes a trade to the absolute minimum number of transactions (1) and eliminates the need to lock assets.

Does Tent have a project verification system?

We have partnered up with our friends over at JPG Store to power our project verification system. Every project verified on JPG Store is automatically verified on Tent. If you want to have your project verified on Tent, simply complete the verification process on JPG Store. Click here to learn more.

Can I trade unverified assets?

It's possible to trade unverified assets, but it has to be enabled manually as we only display verified by default. You can enable this option by clicking on the options icon in a Tent.

How is Tent secure?

Tent only facilitates a transaction between two users. This transaction is approved and signed directly by the users. In this way, we rely on the security provided by the wallets, as they will display the full output of the transaction before prompting for the signature.

All transactions are final once submitted to the blockchain, so please make sure to double-check the transaction details.

Are royalties supported on Tent?

We honor royalties when trading asset(s) from a single Policy ID for ADA.

Can I get scammed using Tent?

Every user has multiple instances to double-check the transaction before signing it. Ultimately, every user is responsible for the transactions they decide to sign.

We have a project verification system to enable users to easily distinguish known projects and fake copies. Additionally, you can also click any asset to see details like fingerprint and Policy ID.

Is Tent open source?

For the moment, Tent is not open source.

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