๐Ÿ›‘Most Common Scams

All scams center around the same idea, to get you off Tent, either by convincing you to send the assets outside of Tent, or by making you click on a fake link. Here is a quick overview of two of the most common scams:

๐Ÿ‘คScam 1: Discord Impersonators

A common scam is for someone to pretend being from the Tent team, trying to gain your trust and convince you to send them assets.

For this scam, scammers usually pretend there is a problem with Tent, sometimes they even send fake screenshots with fake error messages, then proceed to add you to a group DM and convince you to send the assets to someone pretending to be one of our team members.

No one from our team will ever facilitate a manual escrow or ever ask you to send us anything, for any reason. If you are asked to do something where you have to trust someoneโ€ฆ you are most likely in the process of getting scammed.

Tent is all about being trustless and removing middle mans using blockchain security.

How to avoid?

Avoid sketchy group DMs when trading, if we ever give support, it will be on our public Discord Server. If there ever is an issue with Tent, you will hear it directly from us in any of our official communication platforms like Twitter or our public Discord Server.

Weโ€™ve never had any unexpected downtime or issues with Tent, and we intend to keep it that way, so you can rest assured that you can rely on Tent for secure trading all year round.

The other common scam is to use fake links to try and hijack your wallet. For example, recently, a fake Tent website popped up.

Official Link: tradingtent.io

Fake Link: tradingtents.io

While the distinction is clear, scammers will usually manipulate you to not notice these kinds of details, saying that they are in a hurry, that Tent IDs are not working, or they might even try and impersonate someone from the team and tell you itโ€™s a new URL.

Again, NEVER trust any private communication through DMs, we will always be transparent and communicate using our public channels.

How to Avoid

First, never click any links. You do not need to share or click any links when using Tent. We created a system where the users can share just the Tent ID so that no one has to click on anything.

We suggest you bookmark our official link and only rely on Tent IDs. This will eliminate all the possibilities of using fake links.

Other Scams

Please keep in mind that these are just 2 of the main techniques scammers use to trick you, but they can always use different methods to get you.

Simply remain cautious and follow the security recommendations to avoid getting scammed. If you follow the recommendations, you will be good to enjoy your blockchain life securely, itโ€™s just a matter of taking the time to read what transactions you sign.

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