Share your custom Tent!

Once you become an official partner, the next step is simply to announce our new partnership and give your new Tent some visibility! All that is left is to share your link with your community. Use whatever channels you consider the best to do so, we will be happy to give you support wherever we can.
As a partner, we also encourage you to have a dedicated trading channel on your Discord server to give your community easy access to trading. Many projects used to have an escrow channel, which was simply updated to contain your custom Tent information.
Here are some templates for social media you can use for some easy sharing. Feel free to modify anything to better fit your communication style, these are merely suggestions you can use as a base.

Sample Tweet

We're super happy to announce that we are now official partners with @trading_tent 🤝✨
Head over to our new #trading Discord channel to enjoy secure & instant trades while also supporting the project. Also, no percentage-based fees 😉

Discord Channel Template

As previously stated, we recommend having a dedicated channel that is locked and only contains the official links for trading. Here is an example of what the message on that channel could look like:
Our escrow services are now powered by Tent! ⛺✨
Simply click and bookmark our official link to enjoy live, secure, and easy trading in a trustless environment while also supporting our project.
🔗 Official Link: yourproject.tradingtent.io
Pricing: The fees for trading are 5 ADA per person. Tent also offers a 50% discount on trading fees for Fort Gotten Kidz holders, so that is also an option.
If you want to learn more about Tent, feel free to check their website www.tradingtent.io, but please remember to use our official link to support our project! 🙌

Discord Bots

Keep in mind you can also give your community the power to open new Tents using CNFT/bot or WENbot. To open a Tent, simply use the "/tent" command on any channel. If you want to password protect it, simply write the command followed by a space and the password you want to use.
Commands: /tent or /tent [password]