Updates & Changelogs

1.3 — Royalties & Verification Update

  • Project verification is now powered by JPG Store.
  • Updated royalties calculation system to account for trades containing multiple policy IDs. Thanks to CNFT Jungle for live market data. More information here.


  • Fixed bug related to mangle addresses and transaction recognition of UTXO ownership (special thanks to Adamant for the find).

1.2 — Partnership Update

  • Launched the partner program.
  • Discord bot integration with CNFT/bot and WenBOT.
  • WalletBUD integration.

1.1 — The Dark Update

  • Introduced Dark Mode!

1.0 — Public Release: Out of Beta!

  • Introduced Tent IDs in place of URLs.
  • Introduced an optional Advanced Trading Mode: the ability to limit the Policy IDs able to be traded in a specific Tent.
  • New warnings and modals before crucial confirmations.
  • Users can now view their trading history.
  • Interface Facelift: Graphical and visual updates to the user interface.
  • Informative website overhaul.

0.1 — Open Beta

  • Bug fixes.
  • Complete interface redesign.
  • UX enhancements.
  • Code optimization.

0.0.1 — Private Beta

  • First live version of Tent for closed testing.